There is a growing demand for homes that are flooded with natural daylight; homes that have large expanses of glass providing unobstructed views; homes with huge aluminium sliding doors that open up the back of the house and blur the divide between home and garden.



The slim frame profiles and great structural integrity of our HiFinity sliding doors make it possible for us to offer industry-leading maximum sizes, keeping the number of mullions to a minimum and maximising the glass area.

HiFinity’s aluminium sliding patio doors have been cleverly designed so that the outer frame can be concealed behind the surrounding wall, making wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling glass a possibility in any home.

A modern glass extension, for example, can both contrast and complement the style of a traditional property.

For a more adventurous contemporary design, the versatility of our products and the support of our skilled technical team mean the glazing can become a feature of the property rather than just a functional necessity.


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We fully support the UK Government’s “Digital Built Britain” initiative to encourage the use of architectural BIM Models.

You can access BIM Models for HiFinity below – for free – to help you easily add these amazing doors into your projects whilst saving time and money.

Between countries, there are differences in how a window is placed into the wall. The BIM models are based on these differences:

  • Type A : Opening wall exterior > Opening wall interior
  • Type B : Opening wall exterior < Opening wall interior
  • Type C : Opening wall exterior = +/- Opening wall interior

  • HFP 147 Sliding Door – Type A
  • HFP 147 Sliding Door – Type B
  • HFP 147 Sliding Door – Type C
  • HFP 179 Sliding Door – Type A
  • HFP 179 Sliding Door – Type B
  • HFP 179 Sliding Door – Type C


Providing you with free BIM Models is just one of the ways we help make your life easier by using HiFinity.

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